Role of PHP in Web Development

Role of PHP in Web Development

          Nowadays everyone wants to create a website for their business. The website helps to grow business and sell more products. But, why we need PHP when we can create a website in Html and CSS.

          Html only create static content, it means we cannot modify website content unless we change code. But we don’t want this kind of website. we want to interact with people with websites. They can make comment on the post, buy products from their website. and here is the PHP play their role to make website real time.

What is Role of Php in web Development ?

          PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language. It gets a request from the browser and processes it on the server and gives a back response. And that’s the beauty of PHP and make it so popular in the web developer community.

          We used PHP along with Html and CSS. we show output in Html and write a logical part in PHP. we used PHP as a back end to handle client queries with databases like MySQL.

Some PHP points which make it popular and easy to use.

  1. Easy to learn: PHP is very easy to learn as compared to other backed languages like Java.
  2. Open Source: It means PHP is free to use. we need not pay to use it.
  3. Easy to Host/Deploy: Lots of web hosting provides a server that runs PHP.
  4. Reliable: The web language is rather efficient because it possesses a scalable code.
  5. User-friendly: Not only is PHP easy to learn but it’s also easy to use with complex functions.

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