Welcome To Coding Script

Welcome To Coding Script

Hey Programmers,

           Welcome to the Coding script. Its been a long time & I have been thinking about starting a new blog but the recent past few months were so difficult for us due to the pandemic.
But finally, I’m ready to follow my passion of Coding. I’m not a professional Blogger but I would like to share my programming knowledge with newbies.

What is Coding Script ???

             Coding Script blog is started to help new programmers to improve their skill. There are already lots of YouTube channels or websites related to programming languages then why this blog. whats is different than other blogs.

            I’m starting this blog to share my personal experience which is I felt during learning coding. Learning any programming language is not difficult but building a real project is very hard because of a lack of logic building knowledge. Lots of programmers learn a various language but they never try to solve real problems or they are not practicing what they learn.

           So, here I’m going to teach you programming languages, what’s going on IT sector, how to create websites from scratch, or using WordPress CMS. How to improve their programming knowledge and lots more things.

Who am I ???

           I told you about the Coding Script blog. but the question is who am i. So, a Short introduction about me.

who am i

            My name is Aniket Khote and I am a postgraduate student in computer science.  I know several programming languages like JAVA, Python, Laravel, and Android. I have nearly 4-year experience in web development and also in WordPress. I’m also a freelancer and help people to build their websites.

Aniket Khote

Aniket Khote, founder of Coding Script. and also a freelancer. He has knowledge of various programming languages, WordPress, and project building.

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