What is laravel Freamwork ?

What is laravel Freamwork ?

So you heard about the Laravel  Framework. Now you want to know what is actually Laravel and what we can do with it. But, the question arises, Did you know PHP?  

Laravel is based on PHP programming language and if u already know PHP then you can easily adopt laravel framework. So are you excited and want to know more about laravel so let’s dive into it.

What is Laravel?

A Laravel is an open source PHP framework. it is very popular and easy to use a framework that is used for web based or web application development. laravel following the MVC architecture pattern. it has developed to make a faster way web application with some built-in features.  It provides lots of powerful commands which are make developing very easy and fast.

Is Laravel a CMS?

                CMS simply means Content Management System like Drupal or WordPress. Laravel gives you full control over your web application. You can easily create functional websites without writing a single line of code or without even knowing what PHP is.

What is MVC in Laravel Framework?

                MVC  stands for Model View Controller is an architectural pattern used to break down an app into three fundamental parts: data (Model), an interface to view and modify data (View), and operations that can be performed on the data (Controller).

Why should we use it?

Mostly, people recommend to use Laravel Framework due to the following reasons:

  • It makes the app development process easy and quick.
  • It acts as a functional core which is easy to extend.
  • The routing process remains simple.
  • Proper unit for conducting the tests standing out of the frame.
  • Long-term tasks can be performed with the help of the async queue.
  • The database layer is extremely effective for the users.
  • It creates a simple integration process with the third-entity libraries.


With this article, one gets to understand the basic concepts associated with the Laravel framework. It is a great technology in the field of web development.

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